Sunday, May 18, 2008

We're baaaaaaccckkkkk!

We had SO much fun at Disney I just can't even begin to start describing it all. I guess it was... Magical! That's about the best I can do to wrap all of my emotions up into one word. I'll try not to make this post too long & I may just post about 1 park a day for the next week so that I can cram it all in. We left Saturday morning around 9am. The ride down wasn't so great. Carter doesn't do well with long trips. We got to Gaffney & he started "are we there yet". I knew we were in for a long day. We all rode in my in-laws van & the 3 kids were in the back seat together. Chandler was great.. no complaints. Kensley did really great with minimal fussing despite the fact that she only slept about an hour on a 10 hour car ride. Carter fussed the whole time. He wouldn't watch a movie, he didn't want to color or look at books, he didn't want to play his Nintendo... just complain. He had good spurts here & there, but was pretty miserable until we finally got to Orlando and started seeing signs. About half-way there the van broke down right before the GA line. Corby was driving and all of a sudden we heard a terrible noise & there was tons of smoke barreling out the back of the van. We pulled over on the side of the interstate in Coochahochawoochie... or something along that line (seriously, it took the roadside ass. woman about 10 min to figure out where we were)... and inspected the damage. Thankfully my father in law knows how to fix cars. It was the transmission. All the transmission fluid had spewed all over the engine, under the van & up the back. Thank heaven for GPS & roadside assistance. We got in touch with a local auto store & they brought us what we needed. We were stopped for a little over an hour & but got the problem temporarily fixed and prayed really hard we would make it to Orlando because there were no car rentals places open near us & the closest ones at the airport were all out of vans. Thankfully, we made it there safely & pulled in our condo at Emerald Island Resort at 9:45 pm. Everyone was glad to get there & pumped up so we didn't get to bed until really late that night. But oh what fun lies ahead. I'll post about our first park tomorrow. Right now, it's time for bed.


Heather said...

Oooohhh! I can't wait to hear more.... you gotta be sure to tell me what things I need to be sure and do when we go. I am thinking sometime in the fall so that maybe it won't be so hot. Did you stay at a Disney Resort or somewhere else? Let me know how you liked it.

PrincessSedai said...

Oh Kendra, hearing about your trip and seeing the pics made me want to go back SOOO bad! I love WDW! I thought I would hate it, then loved it! It will be a year next week since we were there. I can't wait to hear about your fav parts of each park.

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