Thursday, May 22, 2008

Magic Kingdom again

Day 5... back to the Magic Kingdom. I was looking forward to coming back to the MK to see the rest of the park. We had another full day and it was full of fun. The park was packed this day because they had Extra Magic Hours where the it was open longer. The crowds hadn't been bad at all the whole week until this day. It was shoulder to shoulder for most of the day. ** Avoid these days if you ever go, I knew better, but it just didn't work with our schedule.** We ventured through Adventureland, Frontierland and the rest of Fantasyland. Poor little Carter was scared to death to ride anything. We couldn't hardly even talk him into some of the little kid rides. He rode 2 rides in 2 days that scared the life out of him and wasn't about to take a chance of doing it again. We tried hard to get him on Splash Mountain, but no chance. I don't particularly care to walk around wet, even if it is hot, but the ride looked like a lot of fun and when they all came off, they had just a few small wet spots on them. Ah, not too bad, we don't get that wet I thought. So we traded off the child swap and me, Corby, Chandler & my mother-in-law went back again. Not so lucky this go round. Just as we came down the big hill, the splash was big, but didn't really come into the boat. Okay, safe. However, as we were rounding the curve to go into the tunnel, a boat was coming down. Just as we were about to go into the tunnel, SPLASH.... huge soaker! We were all, soaked... from head to toe. I really didn't care because we were laughing so hard.

We got to see the Dream Along With Mickey show in front of the castle. **Note the woman standing up in the middle of this picture. Everyone around her was sitting down probably 10 or more rows back. Here's this woman on like the 2nd or 3rd row standing the whole time. Hello? Are you aware that EVERYONE around you is sitting down and your are blocking the view? Apparently not.

Pics from Adventureland

These 2 were a hoot & Cpt. Hook got a kick out of the fact that Chandler was wearing his Pirate gear as well.

A quick glimpse of Cpt. Jack Sparrow from Pirate of the Caribbean. This guys looked, acted & sounded just like the real one!

Timon from the Lion King

I got the kids Mickey Ears and had them embroidered with their names on them. It was pretty much a waste of money because none of them would wear them and it's not like they are going to now that we are home. But it's the memory of having them to treasure. Everyone's gotta have Mickey ears don't they?

The boys with Pluto

Kensley with Fairy Godmother. ** This was funny... towards the end of the night, we were getting autographs from whoever we could that was standing around. We pulled the boys to her since the line was really short. When we were walking away, Carter looks at me & says "Who was that Mommy?" I had to look at the autograph book to make sure because she was a real person, not the animated "fat" one in the movie.

I was a little disappointed that I didn't get my picture with Cinderella or one of the princesses. That was one thing I really wanted to do, but those lines were so stinking long. I don't know how many times I walked up to get in line for a character and the nice "cast member" would walk in front of me & say "i'm sorry this line is now closed, they'll be back at (time)". I got so sick of hearing that. I swear over 1/2 of the autographs I went to get, this happened.

I was really sad to leave the park and just stared at the castle as we rode the monorail out. They do need to have some kind of system where you don't have to break down your stroller to get on the tram. If you've ever been with a kid, you know what I am talking about. Usually, Kensley was asleep at this point. It was so frustrating with all the chaos of trying to hurry to get a seat and getting all the stuff out of the bottom of the stroller and throwing it into a row and cramming the stroller on your lap because 5,000 people all want on the same row you are sitting in. If they didn't have you break down the strollers, you would have to wait an hour to get to your car, so I do understand, I just didn't like it at 11:00 at night.

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