Monday, May 19, 2008

Animal Kingdom

Our first park visit was on Sunday and we went to Animal Kingdom. We got there around 11:00 so we had a early (very expensive) lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. It was a very neat atmosphere and the food was pretty good. I guess you pay for your surroundings at this place. They have a "rainforest rucus" every 20 minutes and that was neat to walk around & see what all the animals did. It literally looked like you were sitting in a rainforest. Anyway, we tried to hit as much as we could. With this being the first day, it took a little while to find our groove but we got the hang of it & made our rounds. We saw Finding Nemo: The Musical and it was fabulous... one of my favorite shows of the week. We hit several rides and then took a safari ride. That was cool. We ended the day with The Lion King show. We all enjoyed the day, but didn't realize the park closed at 6, so we didn't get to visit several spots we wanted to.

Carter asked all day if we could go home & swim in the pool. I had a feeling I would be hearing that a lot over the week and I did. I tried to explain that we were not there to swim, but to see Disney. He really didn't care what I had to say, he still wanted to swim.

Here's a few pictures from our day.
Coming into the park at the Tree of Life
Autograph/pic from Flick from the Ants movie
The boys infront of the Rainforest Cafe... i wish I had taken more pics of this place!
Beautiful view of Mt. Everest.... although we didn't get to ride this
Finding Nemo show
Kensley's fave thing was playing in these fountains
The Lion King show

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