Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our Little Writer

As the school year comes to an end, the kindergartners always have a celebration of what they've accomplished over the year. It's call the Author's Tea. It's kind of a formal event where they put on their Sunday clothes and all the parents come to the classroom. The kids have "authored" a book about their family and they read it to the whole crowd. It's really cute and the kids do a great job. I remember when Chandler had his, I was pregnant and cried about the whole time...hormones I guess. I didn't cry today, but I was very proud of Carter. He's a great reader and writer... with a huge imagination. Most of his story was what I'll call, fiction, but it's the thought that counts. At the end of the program they had a ice cream sundae party. Here's some pictures from the day.

The class sang a few songs & Carter really got into it.
Carter with his teachers Mrs. Davis & Mrs. Cooke
Reading his book

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Joy Bruza said...

How sweet! I can imagine the story Carter wrote since you have blogged about his active imagination in the past:)Hope you guys are having a great summer.

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