Sunday, June 1, 2008

Birthday Wishes and Weekend Fun

First of all I have to say Happy Birthday to my Mom! Today is her special day and I just want to say how much she means to me and how thankful I am for her...Love you mom!

We had a full weekend, but a lot of fun. Friday night I got a girls night out with a friend. We met at the coffee house in Shelby and talked until they ran us out of the place and then stayed in the parking lot talking until 10:45. It was a much needed break and refreshment. It does every mom good to have a night out once in a while. Saturday afternoon Corby took the kids to the new splash park at the Boiling Springs Y and then we headed to Lincolnton for a birthday party that was a lot of fun. After church today, we all went back to the splash park for the afternoon. The boys really had a lot of fun and that is going to be a GREAT place to hang out this summer. The water is still a little cool for me but the boys didn't seem to mind until they got out of the pool. Carter's lips were purple, but he didn't care and jumped right back in. I think if the sun had been blaring the whole afternoon it wouldn't have been so chilly. It's going to feel great this summer when it's 100 degrees outside.

I've had lots churning through my head the past couple days, so I'll have lots to say this week. I hope I will have time to share them all while they are fresh. It's going to be a busy week since this is the boys last full week of school. I can't believe summer is already here.

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