Monday, February 18, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things....

Crocs - yes, some of them are ugly, but if you wear a pair, you will for sure change your mind. They are the most comfy shoes I own. If I could have a pair in every style & color... I would.

Shopping cart covers - for the nasty buggies/high chairs that you have to sit your kids in.

I'm not sure what the offical name brand/name is, but their are some bibs you can buy at Wal-Mart. They are a plastic type material on the front & cloth in the back. They have 2 snaps to make a pocket for food to fall into when you put them on baby. They wash great & last forever!

Loungewear - whoever came up with this name is a genius. Yes, they are really PJ's, but look a bit nicer. I love them in the winter especially. At least I'm still not in my gown all day.

Clorox Anywhere hard surface spray - this is the best stuff ever. I feel like whatever I'm spraying it on actually get's clean and it has a pleasant smell. It's not harsh like the stuff with bleach. I also keep a travel one in my diaper bag for when we go to restaurants.

Clorox Ready Mop - why did I ever clean with a regular mop???? I'm sure the Swiffer brand is just as good, but I happen to have the Clorox one. I will never go back. My bucket is only used for washing cars now & I finally threw away my mop that has been hanging in my laundry room unused for years.

Swivel Sweeper - I swear that every Mom should own one of these things. I've had 2 of the Shark versions & the Dirt Devil version & this one is by far my favorite!!! I use it everyday, multiple times. Kids make messes, especially eating. It's great to clean up a quick mess without having to pull out the vaccum cleaner or broom every time.

Cherry Cordials are one of my favorite candies. Everyone loves a Hershey Kiss. Then... they put the 2 together. Heaven! I LOVE this candy & the even came out with a dark chocolate version which makes it even better.

God Made Me videos - they are along the same line of Baby Einstein, except they are set to Christian music and biblical teachings. Kensley LOVES them, therefore, I love them.
Digital Scrapbooking - I love to scrapbook, but lack of time & a lot of kids has not allowed me to keep it up like I want to. I'm far behind with a lot of pictures to develop. Creative memories has a free program to download to make a book and most other photo websites have photo albums as well. You plug your pictures, type in your journaling, click "order" and they ship it to you. How easy is that!


Missy Smith said...

Hey Girl!! I have to agree with you on the crocs, and Baby Faith they are two of my favorite things. Of course I love the Story Books too from Creative Memories. However my one year book for Bella has disappeared=( I love the new colors on the blog. I went to try to fix mine but it took longer than time allowed. Anyway...It looks great!

Mommy Confidential said...

This is fabulous, I love to know peoples favorite things!

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