Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pigeon Forge trip & other stuff

We just returned from a family vacation tonight with my parents. We had a great time in the Smokey Mountains of TN.. Pigeon Forge. We left Saturday and stayed through today. The boys had a blast playing in the pool & hot tub at the hotel & hitting all the arcade's, riding go-carts, playing putt-putt... and not so much fun tagging along during our shopping trips (but they survived). It was nice to get away for a long weekend. The drive up was beautiful... we still got to see the tail end of the beautiful fall colors on the trees.
Last night we went to The Comedy Barn to watch a show. It was so funny! I haven't laughed that hard & that long in a while. I HIGHLY recommend you see it if you are ever there. It was great fun for the whole family & it was clean. We had front row seats. Corby actually got recruited on stage for a "storytelling" along with 2 other people... he was the hero of the story and he had to leap forward and say "stop or I'll shoot" and do a little dance. The guy who was leading the story was hilarious and really went on and on with Corby. In another part of the show he was doing a different segment with 3 volunteers where he beats them on the head with these soft bat thingys. About 9 months ago he was doing this & one of the guys that was on stage was laughing so hard that they about didn't finish the segment. This guy's laugh is so funny! Corby has seen this online before, so we looked it up on YouTube. You've got to watch this... it's a little long, but I promise you'll laugh so hard!

On a different note.... who watched the Bachelor finale & the After the Final Rose? I really liked this guy up until tonight. What's up with him????? He obviously has issues. I'm not busting him for not falling in love, I just don't get why if his feelings were so strong, he couldn't at least try the dating thing with one of them. He said a lot of stuff that just didn't make sense at all. How can you "care for someone so deeply" and "think about them everyday" and "you'll never know how much I care for you".... then turn around and say, I can't give you 100% of me or even give it a try. I guess he has such strong feelings for both that he said forget it about both. It's irritating to watch this show & get all hyped up & then be let down. Boy, those producers really know how to suck you into these shows.

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Meagan said...

I just watched after the final rose today and I have to say he's a coward.. he left those girls, especially Deanna with absolutely NO answers. I'm with you, why couldn't he just date one.. there's no law to say that he had to be in love or have to propose. He's a jerk.

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