Sunday, October 7, 2007

Party Day

We celebrated Kensley's birthday yesterday at our house. It was a small party with just family, but we all had fun & most of all, Kensley had a good time. It was a Baby Einstein theme & I made her a caterpillar cake. She loved it when we all sang happy birthday & she clapped her hands. I was so anxious to see how she would react to the cake because both of the boys didn't eat their cake...Carter even cried. Kensley was not a bit shy about it. She dug right into it & pretty much cleaned it of it's icing. She discovered how to dig into the cake toward the end, but I think she was so full of icing, she didn't eat much of the cake. I cleaned her up good, then it was off to opening presents. Corby was letting her play with his cup, therefore she wasn't a bit interested in her presents for the first few minutes. I tried to take the cup away & she screamed. She got interested when she saw the barbie doll. It was in the box, but she was giving it kisses & hugs anyway. (I love it that she likes dolls & babies!) She got some diapers, a push & go ride-on scooter, books, clothes and a baby doll that laughs. We got her a standing interactive Leap Frog toy that she loves. I also made her a scrapbook of her first year. I took a picture of her every Wednesday (the day she turned a week older) for 52 weeks. I put them all in a scrapbook and wrote a letter to her in the back. I cried when I wrote the letter... I guess just thinking about how fast the past year has passed by & thinking about my baby growing up. That's something I'll treasure as well.

I'm exhausted, but we had a good party. They boys have had as much fun with her toys as she has. They've also ate LOTS of cake! We had plenty left over.


Meagan said...

I'll be right over for the leftover cake!!

Kendra Haneline said...

come on over...we have PLENTY left over...altough, the boys have taken care of a good bit of it in the past 2 days.

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