Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Kensley

Today, my baby girl is 3... officially at 3:35 pm. It's hard to believe that 3 years have already passed and she is growing up so quickly. She's such a joy in our lives & brings new excitement & entertainment daily. In the past year, she has grown a ton (most people think she's at least 4) her vocabulary has more than quadrupled, she has grown a head full of hair, came out of her shell to be a very outgoing child and is just as sweet as ever. She's a girly girl all the way, but can hold her own with the boys. She's a diva with some great personality & can dance the day away.

We had her birthday party yesterday. It was a princess tea party. Here's the invitation I made for her:

We played a game of pin the slipper on Cinderella...

Had some cake...

Opened presents...

And then the best surprise was a visit from Cinderella herself!!!

Cinderella even read the girls her own story.

Kensley with her "prince charming" John Michael (other than Chandler & Carter, he was the only boy allowed at her princess party... ha!)

We have butlers ready to serve the girls

When we got home, we tied a note to leftover balloons & sent them flying into the air... I wonder where they will land?

Lastly, for your viewing entertainment.... the cake that I attempted to make for the party. Normally, I do pretty good at cakes. I've made every cake for every kids birthday every year... (people have even paid me to make cakes for various other events). So I really didn't think this would be too bad to tackle. Little did I know that I would be creating the leaning castle of pizzo instead of Cinderellas castle.

Yes, you can laugh... really, it's that bad. I'm quite embarrassed that I even created such a masterpiece. I laughed to hard I almost peed my pants. Needless to say, this cake never even left our house. As bad as it looks, it tastes great, but I could no way serve this at her party, so I had to skip the boys soccer games this morning to bake a quick batch of cupcakes. Those turned out just fine.

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