Monday, June 30, 2008

Kensley's Disney shirt

The other day I was going to put on Kensley's gown to get her ready for bed & she fought me tooth & nail to not put that thing on. She screamed like I've never heard her before. When I took it off, she kept pointing towards her dresser saying "oofey". I was clueless & opened up the drawer to attempt to get something else. So I pulled out another set of PJ's & she screamed & shook her head and said "no, no, no,no" and kept pointing. Finally I figured out she was pointing to her Disney shirt. It has all the characters on it that are on the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and she was saying Goofey because he's on the shirt. That's one of her favorite shows that she watches regularly, so I should have known she could do this. But I held up the shirt & she named all the characters ALL BY HERSELF! It was so stinking cute!
(By the way they are mickey, minnie, goofey, donald, daisy & pluto)


PrincessSedai said...

What a doll! I can't believe she is this grown up! My kids lived in their disney shirts too, I finally gave in, stealing them for washings and hoping they would wear out - of course they don't!

Mamascraps said...

That is so cute! Isn't it funny how we are all just drawn to Disney and it never leaves us, lol. Brice loves "Mickey House" as he calls him. And Kensley is so smart!

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