Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Clothes, doctors & other fun stuff

I've been in the midst of getting all my spring/summer stuff ready for a consignment sale in a couple weeks. Let me just say that my daughter had entirely too many clothes. It's just so much fun dressing a girl! I've got my drying rack with 3 rows of hanging clothes & a hanging rack packed all of 6 mths through 12 mths... (PS... if you know of someone who might want to come look through it, I'll be more than happy to let them). I'm not even half way through everything though. I look back at some of her stuff & remember her wearing it... so cute! She seems so big now. I've still got more tubs to go through (boys stuff included) & hang up... if you come to my house, be prepared to see lots of cloths!

My baby girl turned 17 months old today....I also took Kensley to the dr. today. She has another double ear infection. UGH! I think this is the longest we've gone between them though. I just had that feeling for the past couple days so I knew I had better take her. As soon as the doctor walked into the room, Kensley looked at her & pointed to her ear & said "eee". The dr. just laughed and said "you just made my job easy." Poor thing has a terrible diaper rash on top of that. She walks around holding her front side & says "poo poo"... 90% of the time she's referring to her rash hurting. Bless her... she just can't stay well.

Another cute thing she did yesterday... she ran into the kitchen yelling "no, no, no" (which means nose) and stood right in front of me & pointed to her nose... it was running & she needed it wiped. She's very verbal I tell ya. I can understand most everything she says and what she wants. Her latest kick is watching a "woo-wie" in the van regardless of how short the trip. As soon as we get in she yells "woo-wie, woo-wie" over & over until I finally put in a movie.

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