Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Uh... is it December?

I can't stand this weather. It is December, not September! Some of you may love it, but when I am sweating in December, that's not a sign that Christmas is around the corner. It's supposed to be cold and I'm supposed to be bundling up on the couch with warm blankets, not turning on the AC and the ceiling fan. I don't know the official temp today, but it was over 80 I'm sure. I sent my kids to school in short-sleeves (and probably could have put shorts on them too... but I refuse). I'm ready for winter to come back. Can we say 'global warming'?

Kensley is walking some, but we've not been home much for her to actually practice. It's been a busy few days and the rest of the week is pretty busy as well. I am one present short of being completely finished Christmas shopping... woo, hoo! Carter had his Kindergarten Christmas program last night at GWU. It was really cute... he's holding the W in the first picture. The second pic is of him singing at church with the WeeWorship on Sunday.

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