Sunday, December 9, 2007

Step by Step

Well, she's finally done it.... Kensley is taking steps. I wouldn't say she's walking yet, but she is making her way there. We've been trying for a few weeks to get her to take steps, but as soon as you let go of her hands she would sit on her bottom. She's been walking with her baby-block walker like crazy for a few days, so I guess she built up enough confidence to try it on her own. She loves to prop herself against the couch, so I decided to take advantage of it today. I got in front of her and said "walk to Mommy" and she took 3 steps to me. Of course I was by myself and have no pictures or video of this.... ugh! She kept getting up and wanting to go again, so she would do it over and over. When Corby got home, we had her walking outside back & forth to us and she's taken 7 steps so far. I WILL get this on video and pictures tomorrow... even if I have to rig up something. My baby won't be a baby much longer... she'll be a TODDLER!!!

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