Sunday, August 19, 2007

My daughter is hilarious! The older she gets, the funnier she is. Tonight she was very spastic for some reason. She pretty loud in general (runs in the family I must say) but tonight she kicked it up a notch. She took a late nap & maybe that was the culprit, but she was hollering & carrying on... growling, screaming, laughing, doing this thing where she put her fists out, tightened her body like she was really mad & got really red in the face... and then laughed. The more we laughed at her, the more she put on. The whole night she was all over the place... up & down, down the hall & back, crawling over everything, burying her face in pillows & stuffed animals. She didn't go to bed until 10pm! She was having lots of fun with her brothers today too. She's really going to miss them when school starts. She has accomplished another word... the Oh in "Uh-oh"... for the longest time she's always said "uh-uh". She has also started saying "bee-bee" which I think is baby. I'll be able to tell better in couple days. Kensley had her first popsicle today... she loved it!

The boys had their first sleep-over last night... somewhere other than family. They had a kids lock-in at the church. They had a lot of fun & were really tired when they got home. They both took a 3 hour nap this afternoon. They've had quite the imagination this week. Here's some pictures of them dressing up & playing various roles.

Corby came home the other day & the boys were outside playing. I just happened to walk outside when he pulled up & saw this at the end of our driveway. The boys were sitting in the wagon which was attached to the mailbox post & a sign on the mailbox that said "2 kids for..._____ fire or sall" ... it's been a while, but I guess they've heard me say more than one time when they are being bad that I'm going to sit them on the side of the road & put a For Sale sign on them if they don't behave. Thing was, it wasn't a bad day that day. When I asked Chandler what was going on, he said they were just playing pretend and they knew they had not been bad that day. But it was really funny. I wonder what our neighbors were thinking?!

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