Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Break, Part 1

We didn’t think that spring break would ever get here. I mean, we’ve not had a day off of school since January and everyone was more than ready for a break. We spent the first part of the break at Mimi & PawPaw’s. The kids had a blast there as usual and I got to spend some quality time shopping with my Mom, just like we used to do. Here’s a run down of our week…

Carter killed his first bird with a BB gun… he was so proud.

carter killed his first bird with a bb gunIMG_2574

The kids slept in the tree house with PawPaw 2 nights. He even rigged it to where they had a tv in there & got to watch movies before bed!


PawPaw built a tire swing for the kids too and they loved it!



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