Monday, April 18, 2011

Crazy Spring Weather

Seems like the past few years we've skipped spring & fall. We go straight from summer to winter and from winter to summer. I miss the 60's & 70 temps around here. I go from sweaters to shorts. I guess I'll chalk it up to global warming or something like that.

You don't typically think of spring being tornado season. And, well, I don't really think of our area being tornado prone either. But for the past 3 weekends, we've had some crazy weather with severe thunderstorms, hail & even tornadoes. Last weekend, April 9th, we had about 4 pretty strong weather systems to move through Cleveland County. The first one kind of blew over our house but the last 3 produced some nasty wind, downpours and hail.

If this is gonna keep up, I'll forgo my 60 & 70's and take just plain ole thunderstorms.

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