Saturday, October 17, 2009


Honestly, I think the past few years we've gone to only 2 seasons in the south.... summer & winter. Somehow we've totally bypassed spring & fall around here. Last week we were sporting shorts & t-shirts & this week, I'm trying to avoid turning on my heat because it's so cold...(by the way, I couldn't take it anymore. Today I caved & turned it on).

I'm kind of in the mood for winter though. I can tell when it's time for a change for me. I'm tired of sorting through all my summer clothes to find something to wear & I'm itching to dig out my sweatshirts & pants. Something about curling up on the couch in my warmies, under a blanket, drinking coffee or hot chocolate and watching a movie. Nothing better :-)

I guess what I look forward to most about fall...err... winter... is the holidays that are quickly approaching. Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but something about seeing all the garb in Wal-Mart makes me get excited. I know that soon after all the Halloween stuff is gone that Christmas is just around the corner. I've already started listening to Christmas music and I've barely started... but at least there is a start... on my Christmas shopping. I'm looking forward to all the wonderful things to come with the season ahead... baking, shopping, crafting, fellow-shipping with friends & family and plenty more.

What about fall do you enjoy?

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