Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Sickies

Oh, what a week. The sickies have plagued our house. I was looking forward to a great last week of school with field trip, field day, getting back into the routine of going to the Y again and then, what do ya know... other plans accommodate my days. Last weekend we had a choir social at the Kings Mountain State Park which was buried deep in the woods and we all got ate up by mosquito's... especially the kids. I think we counted 12 bites on Carter that night. Well, you know how you itch a mosquito until it bleeds & then it scabs up with a little red dot....Carter kept growing them, except under his clothes, which I thought was very odd. Every day he had a new bite on his belly or back. I had several people look at it & we all determined it was chiggars. Soooo, that was fine & dandy until Thursday morning he woke up with 2 more spots. I decided to take him to the doctor that afternoon after his field trip. I asked a friend of mine that's a nurse to take a look at him & she said it looked like the chicken pox to her, plus it was going around the school. GASP! Oh no... he can't have chicken pox b/c he was vaccinated for that.... could he? Well another friend was there & one of her kids was home with them, she took a look at it & confirmed it for me. It just never, ever, entered my mind that it could be chicken pox. We were on a field trip, I wanted to take him home, but he was so upset. The Lord took care of that for us b/c about 30 min. into the field trip the rain was pouring down on us so all the teachers decided to call it quits & go home. I called the dr. & looked it up on the internet & sure enough, we have ourselves a case of the chicken pox. The dr. said that the vaccine prevents chicken pox 75% of the time & the others who get it usually have a milder case. He's had it all week long & I had no clue. It didn't really itch, but all the spots were in the "heat" areas of his body & under his arm pits & couple had already scabbed up. Thankfully, Thursday was the last day of new spots & most all of them are scabbed over now. He never ran a fever or even itched bad at all, so I guess his was a mild case. Now I'm on the lookout for the other 2 kids. They've both been vaccinated too so I'm hoping they won't get it, but if they are going to get it, bring it on so we don't have to deal with this during the school year.

As if that's not enough. I started getting a sore throat on Wed. It got progressively worse each day until Friday I thought I was dying. I called the doctor & went in to check it out. Sure enough, I've got strep throat. The dr. even said I got the "WTOTW" award. I asked what that meant & he sais "worst throat of the week". He said it looked like raw hamburger in the back of my mouth. After getting my prescription filled, I went home & went to bed & have pretty much been there until this afternoon. This has totally wiped me out. I haven't felt this bad in a long time. My energy has been completely zapped & even just getting up to fix me a drink has made me tired. I did fix me & Kensley some supper tonight & that took every ounce of energy I had. I'm hoping by tomorrow that I'll start feeling better. I was looking forward to going to the pool this weekend & enjoying this summer weather, but instead, we've all been couped up inside.

I'm tired of sitting up at the computer to type up this post, so I'm heading back to the bed. Here's to wishing for a better day tomorrow.

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Ashleigh said...

Sorry Kendra! I had strep throat last month along with the rest of my family. My 6-year-old got it twice within a 3 week period. No chicken pox though...didn't think we could get that! Nice to know we can though. Hope you feel better soon.

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