Sunday, June 7, 2009

Neat Teacher Thank You Idea

I know it's kind of last minute... but if anyone needs ideas for teacher thank you cards, this is what I did for my kids teachers. I can't take the credit for it (I got the idea from a Creative Memories website) but it's just too cute to keep to myself. My camera has a function called Color Accent where you can zoom in on one color & everything else in the picture is black & white. That's what I used, but apparently you can also take out the color except for the "thank you" writing if you use Storybook Creator. All I did was write "Thank You" in chalk on my driveway... i do suggest using brighter colored chalk... & take a picture of your kid beside of it. I added the other writing by inserting a text box & used the color picker to find the same color as the chalk. I printed mine & mounted them on cardstock to make it a little more firm & then wrote a personal message to the teacher on the backside of the cardstock. Wallah!


Ashleigh said...

That is a very cute idea!! And your kids cooperated very well! Not sure mine would do that.

Pollock Family said...

That's adorable! I'll have to remember that next year! That's funny how the yellow accent brings out the yellow in their hair! When I was using the red for Christmas, it always brought out the red in their lips!

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