Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We had a family trip today (minus Kensley) to Carowinds. Literally, it's been about 5 years since I've been (and that trip consisted of standing in the wave pool for a few minutes-not swimming b/c there was no room- waiting in line for an hour & half to ride one of the water rides & ended up having to leave b/c we ran out of time and riding 1 roller coaster & a few kiddie rides) and I forgot that I wasn't missing much.

It was great family time today & loved spending some time with just the boys, but I am getting too old to do the roller coaster thing anymore. We were all super pumped walking into the park & gung-ho to ride every ride. Well, then... uh, we rode 1.... and ummm.... well, it wasn't great. Chandler & Corby rode the Vortex first (the stand up coaster) and got off & Chandler said he had a headache. So then we make our way around the park to ride a few more rides & the kids keep asking to go to the water park. We were trying to hold off on that as long as we could. So we hit Thunder "beat me to death" Road and were going to ride as a whole family. Carter chickened out last minute, so Corby went out with him and me & Chandler rode it. What was I thinking!!!!????? I forgot how badly that thing jostles your brains. It wasn't fun at all.... my boobs were practically coming out of my shirt by the time the ride ended. I quickly tried to pack everything back in before we came into the station so people wouldn't think it was an x-rated ride. Oh, what a headache. I just wanted something to drink...but we kept walking. We rode a few more rides, had lunch and then gave it up & headed to the waterpark. Now that was fun. We should have spent most of the day there. The boys loved it & we got to ride everything together as a family. We hung around there until it closed & decided to hit a couple more rides before the park closed.

So the "all new" Carolina Cobra roller coaster was right in front of us. It looked so intriguing and fun so me & Corby decided to ride it. Big mistake.... I didn't open my eyes once & after it was over we both looked at each other & said "no more coasters". We both had a headache & I felt sick to my stomach. I was tired, hot, had a headache & felt sick. I just wanted to go home.

All in all, it was a fun day. We are all pooped tonight & I feel sure we will sleep very well tonight. Here's a couple pics I took. The quality is not great b/c it's my camera phone, but it's all I had.

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