Thursday, June 26, 2008

O Happy Day!

So far, summer is kicking my butt. The stress of having the kids home all day long is quite exhausting... except for those few & far between good days. I know I signed up for all of this when I had kids, but it is sometimes a little overwhelming with 3 kids. The boys are fighting, arguing, screaming, tattling... and the list could go on and Kensley is in the terrible 2's and very whiny. Since we've got back from the beach she has yet to take a nap for more than a hour & half... normally she's a 3 or 4 hour napper. But today, they all redeemed themselves very nicely. Before we went to the beach, I had a routine with the boys that I planned to keep all summer... except on vacations. We did good the first week and things weren't so bad or crazy at home as long as we stuck to our schedule. This week, I haven't stuck to my plans so much & I've been feeling the pain. So today, everyone slept in... til 9am... and we've had a great day. The boys entertained their sister while I got a few things done & had a conversation with my college roommate. This afternoon we had lunch, put Kensley down for a nap & the boys helped me clean up & followed through with their chores without grumbling. We all went to work & straightened up the house in a snap and they had fun doing it. They even did some things that I didn't even ask them to do like dust, vacuum, clean the bathroom & clean the front door AND Kensley slept until 5:00. They've got a long well today without much fighting or whining. Wow! I have great kids. I knew they were hiding in those little bodies somewhere. These days make it all worthwhile & you forget about the hardships... for a while at least.

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Heather said...

Some days I think I could stay at home with my kids, and then other days I think I would go nuts. Summer gets hard for me because I am not used to being home and I have so much that I want to do around the house, but the kids don't want to sit around and let me get all my "stuff" done. It is hard to find a balance between "me" time and "kiddo" time. There just aren't enough hours in the day! Oh, and I feel your pain with the fighting and tattling!

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