Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finally some snow!

It's been 3 years since it last snowed here (with the exception of the dusting we had last winter... but that doesn't really count). The boys were so excited when they woke up this morning. They were up at 7:21 am and ready to go outside. School was cancelled so me & Corby tried to sleep in a little, but not long after 8am all the boys were outside getting soaked and having a blast. We got about 2 inches or so when I looked outside at 4am this morning (up with Kensley.. she had a rough night). The ground was covered and you couldn't see any grass. It was so pretty. By the time they actually got outside it had melted a good bit. It was raining at that point. They stayed outside for a couple hours & I had to make them come in & dry out. Then after lunch and warming up, they were back outside soaking up the last bit of snow that remained on the ground. I took Kensley out this morning & she loved it. She walked around smiling and falling down. She didn't like it when I brought her back inside.

We had another issue today... our heat... AGAIN! I don't know what's wrong with this crazy thing. The last time they were here to fix it was Dec 17... exactly 1 month ago. We all thought it was fixed then, but I guess not. Of course on the coldest days is when it decides to go haywire. I don't think it ran at all during the night because it was 65 when I was up at 4 am and I couldn't get it to come on. It finally kicked on about 6am and warmed up the house enough for it to go haywire again after breakfast. It didn't run all morning then kicked on at lunch a couple times & then wouldn't come on again until the guy got here around 3 this afternoon. It was freezing in here. The service guy looked at it & messed with a few things & it came on & has been working all afternoon. I pray that it keeps working. Looks like we've got another round of winter weather coming this weekend, so we need heat!

Here's some pictures & a video clip from today.
View from the front yard

View from back yard


Anonymous said...

Hey guys this is cool!
I wish I could be here to slide down our big hill!

Anonymous said...

I messed up! I meant to say... Wish you could be here to slide down our big hill. Have fun

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