Saturday, October 20, 2007

What a week

Last week I was so proud that I blogged everyday... and then this week happened. That should tell you how busy I've been and I didn't even take time to sit down & read my friends blogs let alone post one of my own. Hopefully things will slow down next week. Here's what's happened this week for us.

The boys got footballs on Wednesday night at AWANA's . Since they were wearing their Panther jerseys they had to play a game in our backyard. Kensley loved watching them and she even started saying "BALL" except it sounds more like... "baaaaaaaw"

Just the kids being silly. You can see all the way down Kensley's throat her mouth is open so big.

Kensley finally got interested in her walker last night. She's always sat down as soon as you would put her up to it. Yesterday she was playing in her room & pulled up on it several times, but would never go anywhere with it. Corby put her at it last night & she walked all the way down the hall into the kitchen.

I took the kids to the City of Shelby Public Works Day this morning. I wasn't sure about it & if anyone would be there or if we would have fun but I am so glad we went. We all had a great time! They had all the utility trucks, garbage trucks, bucket trucks, fire trucks, police cars, etc. & machines out & all the workers were demonstrating how things worked. They gave out all kinds of goodies to the kids and we had popcorn & drinks as well. Chandler got a bucket ride and they got to put out a fire & get in the firetruck. This was right up their ally... especially Chandler's.

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