Monday, September 10, 2007


What is it about Sunday after church that paralyzes people? Something about when you walk in the door from church, you are automatically tired. Did God say from the beginning, this is a day of rest, so I am going to make people naturally sleepy & tired on Sunday afternoon. But wasn't the Sabbath Day really Saturday in Bible days? You don't have to go to work and most people go out to eat on Sunday after church so they don't have to cook or prepare a meal. What is it? Unless you are on staff at a church, you really don't have to do much except go to church & worship and that's not draining, it's supposed to be uplifting. (Now on the other hand, if you are on staff at a church...we've been there, done that... it is very draining so I completely understand why you would be so tired. There is nothing refreshing about the day other than the fact that you got to worship.)

I guess it's on my mind because yesterday I didn't go to church. I stayed home with a sick baby. I got hardly any sleep the night before, yet I was a busy bee all morning washing clothes, straightening up, cooking supper, etc. The boys came home from church & Corby fussed because I wasn't taking a nap while Kensley was sleeping. I should have been, but honestly, I wasn't sleepy. The whole afternoon I was scurrying around the house getting stuff done. Corby and even the boys rested most of the afternoon, but not me. Why? Is it because I didn't go to church? Is there a correlation with church & sleepy? Hmmm....something to ponder. (** I did end up taking a short nap later in the afternoon because Kensley had a marathon nap).

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