Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's over..

Well, the pukes & poops have left the building. I prayed "in the name of Jesus" that they leave our house & we've all been good since Friday afternoon. I've washed so much laundry & cleaned & disinfected enough stuff to last the whole winter. I even went & bought some of the DanActive yogurt with the "immunoblah, blah, blah's" stuff in it. I hope it works. I'm going to drink it the whole winter to keep my immune system up & in check.

On a lighter note, Kensley cut another tooth this week...#3. I found it Friday as she was eating lunch. I was really surprised because it's on the bottom & not one of her top front teeth. They are so close & I've been waiting for them to pop through any day now, but nope, it's a bottom one. Odd. She loves to rub her gums & stick her fingers down her throat & gag herself. She did it Friday morning & puked all of her breakfast all over herself... I hope that's not a sign for the future...just kidding! Next week I hope to have some better posts & some pictures. Good night!

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