Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hot, hot, hot... give it all you got

NOT! That was a cheer I chanted in high school. I don't feel like giving nuttin! It's so hot, I'm hot inside. I can't believe this weather here (98, 99, 103... tomorrow supposed to be hotter). It is so hot that I think I could cook something on the pavement outside. I spent most of the day inside today and fortunately only had to get outside when I walked from my car to the house or where ever else I was going. However, I've been on a mission to clean out my van and that required going outside. You know how vehicles look after a long trip, so I wanted to vacuum out all the sand & clean all the straws, cups, sucker wrappers, long-lost french fries and all the other goodies hiding amidst the seats and floorboard. I waited until 10:30 pm because I thought it might be a little cooler. Not so much. I was wet & sweating like a dog by the time I was finished. I need to take a shower before bed. According to the weather, there is no relief in sight for the next few days. My poor husband. He's teaching golf all day and then in the evening too. I would be such a big baby and complaining the whole time if it were me. My dad works outside too... he works for the telephone company... and he told my Mom that you sweat really bad and you hope for the slightest breeze to come through because it feels good because you are so wet. Never thought of it that way. I'm just glad I'm not pregnant this summer. As bad as I complained about last summer, I would really be complaining now.

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