Friday, August 10, 2007

Crawling and the tale of the teeth

Well, my baby girl is mobile. She has actually been crawling all week, but getting better at it everyday. So many things about her remind me of Chandler & other things remind me of Carter. She crawls just like Chandler did. It's very amusing because the way she holds her legs she looks like she could stand up or just walk on her feet & hands. She cocks one leg up and pushes off while the other leg is tucked under her. She gets to where she wants and she's getting faster at it... I guess that's what counts.

She also cut a tooth on Sunday... finally. She working on another one too and she's been a bear for a couple days. She's wanted to nurse a lot more, but they come in little splurges. This morning, it was just me & her (the boys went to work with Daddy). I nursed her & tried to put myself back together & tuck the boob back into my bra. She wouldn't have it. She tugged & pulled my shirt until I let her nurse again. It was like 5 seconds. So I proceeded to put "it" up again. Not having it. We went through this cycle a couple times. I finally figured out she didn't want to nurse, she just wanted to see it... make sure it was visible at all times while on my lap. Even if I pulled my shirt down, she squealed & pulled it back up. She's a demanding little booger and I let her be that way. I have a feeling I'm setting myself up...hmmm.

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