Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Week 42

I've been taking pictures of Kensley each week of her life. I will continue to do this until she is one and I'm going to put them in an album. It's so neat to see how much she has grown in just 42 weeks (that's where we are currently... today). Looking through them in the album, you can't see much difference from week to week, but looking at the first few & looking at the last few.... huge difference. Here's her picture from today. Do you see a trend in these pictures? This is her new thing. Most all pictures I've taken of her over the past couple weeks involve this face. It's funny, but not so cute. She's been so fussy the past couple days. I'm guessing it's teeth, but not seeing any evidence. I'm hoping she's not just rotten... that would be bad. She's typically a good baby so something is the culprit of all the whine.
I am packing up & getting ready for the beach. We are leaving on Saturday (so I won't post for a while... unless we can pick up a wireless internet signal somewhere). Packing for 5 people is going to be interesting... not so much of what to pack, but where to put it all when it is packed. We've been crammed in our van the past several years & that's just 4 of us. Now we have another human being traveling with us and she requires A LOT of stuff... big stuff like a playpen, stroller, portable high chair... and the list goes on. I plan on starting to pack on Friday... should be interesting to see where I can fit it. But I guarantee you, I'm the queen of packing, so I'll make it fit. I might think of a few "wordy durds" though while I'm stuffing & grunting along the way.
This is so random, but I just have to vent for a moment. I met a group of ladies from my MOPS group last night at a local coffee shop. We try to do this once a month. Well, it's a small place to begin with, but there is a huge couch in the corner that would seat at least 4, probably 5. Right beside of it are 2 fluffy chairs and the rest of the place is filled with tables & chairs. This kid.. probably college age... is sitting smack dab in the middle of the couch.... by himself. He has on a long sleeve hoodie (with the hood on his head) and headphones on with his face buried in a notebook... not sure what he was working on. Well, there are 6 of us crowded around 2 fluffy chairs and the rest of us pulled chairs from the surrounding tables. There is also another ladies knitting group in the opposite corner sitting at tables.. probably 8 of them. This kid sits at that couch... by himself... the entire time!!! We were all bothered by this. When he finally leaves... like an hour & half later... we jumped to the couch, then had a conversation with the other ladies group about how rude and inconsiderate he was. Do parents not teach values anymore?

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