Thursday, August 11, 2011

Build A Bear

I’m short a kid this week and it’s been kinda strange.  Chandler is spending the week with my parents… a little one on one time.  Today I took Kensley & Carter to Build A Bear.  This was a long, overdue reward for Kensley… that she stopped sucking her thumb.  Walking around the mall with 2 kiddos instead of 1 felt like I was missing something.  

Anyhoo, it was a lot of fun!  One of my best friends from college works there so it was double the fun getting to catch up with her as well.  While we were there we got to meet a frequent shopper in their store.  He has 295 bears… every bear ever put out by Build A Bear.  Geez!  We even got to see pictures of his collection!  He was in to purchase the 3rd bear of the latest ones released. 


Kensley chose the Hello Kitty bear… eh, can you call it a bear????  She’s very much into Hello Kitty right now, so it was quite appropriate that she pick this one out. 


Even though Carter thought it was a little “babyish” to build a bear, when he saw the Panthers outfit, he changed his mind.  He picked out a dog that is REALLY soft.  We even built an army bear for Chandler too.  I mean… while we’re there.  I’m used to things in threes…

FYI… Build A Bear is having a super duper sale… through August 18th (I think).  You can get any of their bears (err… animals), an outfit & shoes for $29.95… ya know, if you feel the need to build a bear too. 

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