Thursday, June 10, 2010

And the summer begins....

Ahhhh... the last day of school is done. Looking forward to officially starting the summer. Most of all looking forward to no homework, sleeping in & not having to stick to schedule. I love the freedom of summer, the smell of sunscreen and sound of afternoon thunderstorms. I've got a good summer planned out... well, sort of a plan... and we are all looking forward to many trips to the pool, visiting family & friends and most of all the beach. Here's some pictures from the last day of school.

Annual trip to Ken & Mary's for breakfast on the last day of school

Chandler's class had a pool party to celebrate the end of school.

The boys with the principal, Mrs. Lail. She is retiring this year.

The PTO had a garden made at the front of the school in her honor.

Chandler with his teacher Mrs. Hunt.

Carter with his teacher, Mrs. Sarratt.

The boys with Mrs. Ivester, the school secretary.

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