Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Visit to Santa

Last night we stood in the frigid temps for over 2 hours to get to see Santa. It's our yearly tradition. Funny thing is, we see the same people every year... and they are always in about the same spot as the year before. We start out in the daylight and stand (not moving an inch) for what seems like hours until it's finally "our turn". The kids were excited & especially Kensley was ready to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas. When we are next in line, the boys always start asking me "now what do i want for Christmas mom"? Like they need my approval to ask for something. Kensley has never sat on Santa's lap before, but she was ready this year. So we went into the little house. She hopped right up on Santa's knee... blurted "i want a baby doll high chair" and popped down & ran behind me. Fortunately, I captured a quick picture, but that was it. She did what she was supposed to do & no more. The boys had a running list & kept coming up with new things I've never heard of. Chandler wanted to whisper in Santa's ear this year... he wants a dog... (I have my sources to know this). Santa was on Mom's side. He was very discouraging of that request, but never let it be known what Chandler asked for. (smirk... :0)

As a side note, we had some entertainment while we waited. A couple was getting married on the court square steps. Groom arrived in a fire truck, bride with a strapless gown on (no cover up, shawl, nothing... just bare shoulders), a couple bridesmaids in spaghetti strap dresses, and a handful of people to watch in below freezing temps... along with about 100 kids running around screaming right beside of them. Real romantic.

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