Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tis the season

Well, it's officially here. I can't believe this year is almost over & Christmas is just around the corner. For some reason I've had a harder time getting into the spirit of the season. I really put off putting up the Christmas tree, still don't have out my outdoor decorations & I haven't played much Christmas music yet this season. Don't know why that is... maybe it's an off season for me or maybe it's because we get too busy with all the "stuff" of Christmas & forget the real reason of Christmas. Our pastor preached a great message on Sunday about getting back to the simple life. It's really worth the listen. You can hear it here. Scroll down to the bottom & click on Nov. 29.

We had a great Thanksgiving. I think it was a little hard getting back into the groove on Monday morning. The kids have it in their heads that school is done & don't understand why they have to do so much stuff & why they have homework. The break was much needed by all. We celebrated Thursday our traditional way. Me & the kids stayed in our pj's until almost lunch & watched the Macy's parade (well, I listened to it more than watched it) and I finished cooking for our meal. When Corby came home (annual YMCA Turkey Trot is every year on Thanksgiving morning) we headed to my Aunt Connie's house for our feast & the annual ride in cousin Brandon's army truck.

Kensley loves putting makeup on my aunt. She was covering up Connie's "blendishes" otherwise known as blemishes.
Getting ready to head out in the army truck.

I stayed at my parents for a few days. The kids got lots of time with PawPaw, which they loved. Kensley even got him to stay in bed one morning until 11:30 watching Pink Panther cartoons! Me, Mom, my aunt & cousin all did our yearly Saturday shopping trip. We fought the crowds, found some good deals, ate a fabulous lunch & wore ourselves out. Sunday afternoon was the Boiling Springs Christmas parade. We all had a great time waving at our friends & getting candy. Kensley shouted to every person dressed as santa that she wanted a babydoll high chair for Christmas. I'll be anxious to see if she will actually sit on Santa's lap this year. She's pretty adamant about telling everyone that's what she wants, so I'm sure she will let me know some way, shape or form.

So here's to the season of love... may we remember the true love that this season brings. The love of our Savior. The one born on this day...

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