Friday, October 23, 2009

Kensley names her first babydoll

Kensley has finally decided that her baby dolls need a name. Before, people would always ask her "what's your baby's name?" and she would give them a blank stare... as if to say... "baby dolls have names... really?" I guess it finally clicked that her dolls should have a name too. On the way to Wal-Mart on Friday, just out of the blue, she announced to me that her baby's name was Gracie. I was rather excited that she picked a cute name... nothing like my baby dolls names which were Martha-nell & Martha-nan (don't ask). Then a mile or so down the road she said "no, I want her name to be Lis-tha-buth" (Elizabeth...for translation). She proceed to announce to everyone we passed in Wal-Mart that her baby's name was Elizabeth. The name has actually stuck for a week now. Occasionally she forgets what she named her & will ask me "what's my baby's name again?" But after I remind her again, she proceeds to play babies and called her baby "Lis-tha-buth".

Here is a picture of her & her baby:

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Mama Missy said...

thats too cute!!! bella named her baby "chloe" and her imginary friends are "liz" and "crocka". I'm not sure if "crocka" is a boy or girl but glad she has an imagination.

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