Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm baaaa-ck!

Yes, for me, this has been a long hiatus from my blog. I've been so busy I haven't had time to do anything these past few weeks. A quick update here & there on FB & a quick blog to promote the consignment sale we just did & that's it. But I'm done...(insert a little "jiggy" dance here). The sale went great & I'm also glad it's over. So to fill you in on the past month....

The boys started school on August 25. Chandler is in Mrs. Hunt's 4th grade class. He has a bunch of his friends in his class & his teacher seems to be great. We've only heard wonderful things about her, so he should have a good year. It is kind of strange that my son is one of the "upper classmen" in his school now. I used to look at the 4th & 5th graders & think they were so big & now mine is one of them!

Carter is in Mrs. Diffenderfer's 2nd grade class. We love Mrs. D (as the kids call her). Chandler had her last year (she moved down a grade this year), she's a good friend of mine & we go to church together, so I know she's a great teacher. He has a great class with several of his good friends in there with him. We've had a successful year so far...meaning no tears from him. Last year was quite the struggle for most of the year, so it's pretty big that he's got past this year starting up. That's not to say there hasn't been plenty of belly aches & tears the night before or anxieties about school, but at least we are not pulling him out of the car with crocodile tears streaming down his face. I think it helps that he already knew his teacher & some of his best friends are in his class. Good support group!

Their annual picture on the first day of school... standing on the step, with their backpacks & holding up the grade they are in. (Don't they look so excited!).

The boys have also started soccer. They are playing for the local county league this year. When you start school, you of course start full swing into everything else. They both have practice on the same day, at the same time, at 2 separate fields... go figure. Chandler's coach moved one of his practices to Sunday afternoon, which has helped a bit. Games start in a couple weeks. I think they are excited about playing in this new league.

My computer monitor has been on the fluke for about 2 months now. I'm happy to report that I am looking at a fresh, crisp new screen that doesn't make me sea-sick and give me a headache. Man, this is so much better that all of those wiggly lines going up & down the screen. I'm having to adjust a little to this new wide-screen technology. I guess upgrading means going to something different.

This Labor Day weekend, our family went to Camp Thunderbird with some other families in our church. It was SO much fun. We left after church on Sunday & spent the night & most of today at the camp. There was so much to do there & the kids had a blast riding their bikes all over the camp & taking advantage of all the activities they offered. I mostly ran around chasing Kensley or sitting with all the ladies watching the men play.

The boys going down the slide into the lake. It took a little coaxing from their Daddy, but once they went once they thought it was a blast!

Riding the banana boat in the lake. (Mommy was too chicken)

All the boys playing tennis... or at least trying to

Corby & Chandler went down the zip line.

Jena & Kensley feeding the fish in the lake.

This is a Y camp for the greater Charlotte area. We've heard of it before, but never been. Corby has worked for the YMCA for over 13 years & we can't believe we've never taken advantage of this before. It's a camp for kids/youth during the summer, but the very last week (which is always Labor Day weekend) they have a family camp. We'll definitely be visiting this again!

Lastly, Carter is completely toothless in the front. He lost his 4th tooth couple days ago. I was taking a t-shirt off of him & felt something fall into my shirt. He looks at me & says "did I just loose a tooth?". He opened his mouth & sure enough, his 2nd top tooth was gone. Then I had to go digging in my bra to find it... ha!

Whew... that was a lot. I'll hopefully be back on track now.

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Pollock Family said...

The camp sounds like fun! We have Camp Cheerio here, which is also awesome & of course, our kids can go for free....but do you think Carter will? NO! So, we've talked about going as a family one weekend, too. We just couldn't go this summer b/c of all of the summer camp kids. After seeing your pics, now I can't wait!

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