Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We've had a lot of clouds around the past few days. Mostly full of rain & gray skies to go with it. But today, I went to pick up the kids after school and I saw something different. On our way home, I wished I had my camera. The skies were remarkable! They were Carolina blue with these gigantic pillowy clouds everywhere along the horizon. The sun came out & it was absolutely beautiful! As soon as we got home I snapped some pictures from our house.

Then as the evening progressed, the storm clouds filled the sky once again & the rained poured down for another couple hours. As I was getting Kensley in the tub & closing the blinds in the bathroom I looked out again & saw more beautiful clouds.

It's almost as if God were telling me.... "look at the magnificent things that I can create. If I can create something so beautiful in the sky, I can create even more in you." It's like God is showing his promise of love as the sun shines through these magnificent clouds. Yeah, sometimes our lives are clouded by all that is going on around us, but when you get a peak of the "SON" through those clouds it's an amazing & spectacular sight to gaze upon. Just like the Lord.

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I noticed them too and thought how extraordinary. Thanks for writing about them and posting the pictures.

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