Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome 2008

How many of you actually stayed up to watch the ball drop last night? I was struggling. I felt bad from my sinus infection, but I was gonna make it & we did. We've had a tradition for the past 7 years that we go to some friends house for New Years Eve, stay up late, play games, eat lots of junk, and ring in the new year together. They live about 45 minutes away, so we always spend the night. We have a lot of fun & their kids about the same age as my boys, so they have a blast playing together & all cramming in the same bedroom to sleep. This year we didn't even break out the board games. They got a Wii for Christmas and we played that all night. It is a lot of fun! I've got Corby on video playing tennis. He broke out in a sweat from playing so hard. It can be a great workout.

I've got a few pics of Kensley. She's at such a cute age right now, so something new is always waiting to be captured. If you ask her where her eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair & bellybutton are, she will point to all of them. Her favorite is the bellybutton.

She's so girly and loves her babies, so Corby gave her one of my purses the other day. She loves to cram stuff into it and carry it around... and it has to be on her shoulder.
She got some new boots for Christmas from my Mom & she loves them. It put them on her tonight & she was fascinated with them & the balls on the front of them. She kept pointing at them & walking around talking some gibberish. So cute! I'll say "Kensley, look at Mommy" and she sees the camera and says " eeeeeese" (for cheese).... that's what she's doing in this picture.

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Anonymous said...

Now that is the cutest I've seen yet! Love the boots!

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